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Finasteride in usa ? The US FDA approved first-ever prescription medication for male pattern baldness, finasteride (Propecia), in 1992. The medication was introduced in Europe 1996, but until 2008, only three prescriptions for it had been made: one by physician in France, another Belgium, and the final one by a psychiatrist in the UK. FDA decided that more research was needed in order to make the recommendation that other countries should consider prescribing the medication to their men. research and safety evaluation of finasteride were completed in 2008 the United States, with an update in January 2010. Are there any problems with finasteride? Finasteride was approved in the United States for male pattern baldness in 1992. Since then, a number of studies have reported a number of side effects. These are generally considered a side effect of the medication, and typically do not include a clinical reason for these symptoms. For male pattern baldness, the FDA has found that: In 1 case series study involving a total of 945 patients with male pattern baldness, a higher recurrence rate of any new hair growth (either on the head or elsewhere) was found among men using finasteride at doses greater than 0.5 mg/month compared to untreated patients. The effect size on recurrence of finasteride at the 0.5 mg/month was small at 0.25% to 0.5%. One case series study involving a total of 467 patients with male pattern hair loss that were treated with finasteride at doses greater than 0.5 mg/month found that the average dose of finasteride was 4 mg generic drugstore franchise twice per week during treatment and the average dose of finasteride was 2.5 mg/month during treatment. The mean duration of finasteride use was 2.9 months. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 533 patients were randomized to receive either 0.5 mg of finasteride or placebo once daily for 6 months; there was no difference in hair growth between the two groups. However, after six month treatment period, patients in the finasteride group had better self-esteem and were more confident, but the use of finasteride was more common in women. In a placebo-controlled study involving 1082 patients, the average use of finasteride at doses greater than 0.5 mg/month was 16.9% less than in placebo-treated patients. However, some patients who had side effects from finasteride during the studies were not included in this analysis, such as those with other treatment problems. What happens if I take a higher dose of finasteride? If the recommended dose is greater than 0.5 mg/month, a higher dose may be more effective. It is important to be certain that you are taking the correct dose before starting a new medication because.