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Can you buy prednisone over the counter in canada ? I have heard from a doctor that he would be able to put 10 drops of liquid prednisone in my mouth to make me vomit; where to buy prednisone in canada then take another 10 drops and put it in my mouth; then to hold the mixture and swallow it that was his prescription to take me through the day. I couldn't believe that something as amazing this really could be possible. But, when I went down to the pharmacy see if it all really existed, I could not find it…. (A)n order which is supposed to come from "the FDA" was never submitted to "the FDA" from the Canadian pharmacy, and, in fact, there is no such order at all…. The FDA did not authorize what is described as "Liquid Prednisone" from a pharmacy in Canada…. prescription that is never authorized nor submitted to the Food and Drug Administration from a particular prescription drugstore chain, is not covered by the Act either under § 317(a) or 320(a) of the Act. These regulations do not limit the coverage under Act…. "Prednisone" is commonly prescribed to treat osteoarthritis in adults. But, for the treatment of children under 8 years age, it is recommended that the dosage be "cut down" (by 10 to 20%). In fact, I am still waiting to hear back about this prescription that I sent to my doctor. doctor it back to the Canadian pharmacy! (In process of checking back with my doctor, I learned that if my doctor had submitted his prescription to the FDA before it was approved, might have been covered because it was "substantially equivalent" to the prescription prescribed in Canada.) However, even after the FDA and Canadian pharmacist who wrote the prescription both denied there was a medical necessity to use liquid prednisone, he sent the prescription for liquid Prednisone to his pharmacy in Canada and the liquid was sent there…. I'm still trying to figure out what it means when two organizations, the FDA and Canadian equivalent to the FDA, don't agree about this. The question I have for both of these organizations is if are the two most important institutions that would be qualified to make a decision about prescription for liquid substance that had never been authorized by the FDA or Canadian equivalent of the FDA. If you are contemplating buying or taking liquid Prednisone, you are advised to contact the pharmacy in Canada directly and speak to a pharmacist. You can do that by faxing or calling them; if that is something you can't do, can use the mailing address for your provider in the United States. Also, it would be a good idea to alert your provider if you have any problems with the purchase or administration of this prescription drug product. If you believe someone has misdirected to purchase this product or you believe someone has violated your legal rights in terms of taking a controlled substance, contact your provider…. (A)rror to that is the pharmacist who wrote prescription was not a licensed pharmacist; which means pharmacy that dispenses controlled substances. This is a huge problem for me and a lot of other chronic pain sufferers and I am deeply troubled by it. What they lack in resources more than make up for in ignorance or malice. The information in this essay was obtained from the following sources: "Canadian Pharmacists Dispense Liquid Prednisone Without Authorization From FDA," The Globe and Mail, January 6, 2007 "How Prednisone Is Made," The Globe and Mail, Oct 14, 2006 or the CBC, April 15, 2007.