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Welcome to my "Available Now" page. This is the page where I keep an updated progress of the puppies I have on the ground now.

I do my best to send updated photo's and information of the the puppies progress to each buyer weekly via email or text message which ever is most convenient.

My puppies sell for $3500. This includes ~

When selling my puppies I try to make sure they will be going into the best of homes. So when making an enquiry could you please tell me a little about yourself such as

Please note: I cannot hold your puppy for you without the $500 deposit being paid. Deposit is not paid until the pups are born. This deposit is completely refundable if there is any change in circumstance.

My waitlist is currently full. I cannot take anymore names until further notice. Thankyou.

If anyone wants to ask any questions about my puppies or any other questions I am happy to chat on 0418507555 or email me on Please do not ring or text me after 9pm.
Dogs VIC Member - 31001201160 Please contact Dogs VIC on email: if you would like to verify my membership.
PER Source Number : RB101944